Hi, my name is Chan Chee Yuen (CY).

Born in Singapore and studied at the University of Singapore and majored in Chemical Engineering, I’m a Sales & Business Development veteran in the Oil & Gas industry before switching gear to my real love: real estate.

In the past 20 years, I’ve worked in Taiwan, Japan, Australia and China. Thus, I’m effectively bilingual in English and Mandarin (both spoken and written) and brings pure ardor and dynamism to my real estate work.

Also an avid property investor myself, I own multiple residential and commercial properties in many countries, including:
• Singapore
• Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur, Kuching)
• Australia (Melbourne) and
• Philippines (Makati).

Driven by my passion for real estate, I live and breathe properties - my real estate career epitomizes integrity, energy, hard work and creative service in every detail of your real estate transaction. I could be your perfect partner if you are:
• Looking to own a home
• Kickstarting your property investment dreams or even
• A seasoned local property investor who is interested to venture into overseas market

Specifically, I take pride in being a great listener, servicing my clients with mindsets of investors. Being conversant with both the resale & new-launches of the residential market, I was able to build a successful career in real estate in the last few years, having worked hard in every aspect of the industry representing local and overseas sellers, buyers and investors.

In my continual efforts to scale new heights in this career, I'm honored to have received these awards:

2021 Oct - Top 28th Achiever (Vision Division)
2021 Sep - Top 21st Achiever (Vision Division)
2021 Aug - Top 13th Achiever (Vision Division)
2021 Jun - Top 6th Achiever (Vision Division)
2021 Mar - Top 12th Achiever (Vision Division)
2021 Feb - Top 13th Achiever (ERA, company wide)
2021 Feb - Top 1st Achiever (Vision Division)
2020 Year - Top 530th Achiever (ERA, company wide)
2020 Dec - Top 15th Achiever (Vision Division)
2020 Q3 - Top 138th Achiever (ERA, company wide)
2020 Sep - Top 9th Achiever (Vision Division)
2020 Aug - Top 21st Achiever (Vision Division)2020
2020 Jul - Top 23rd Achiever (Vision Division)
2020 Jun – Top 16th Achiever (Vision Division)
2020 Feb – Top 13th Achiever (Vision Division)
2020 Jan – Top 8th Achiever (Vision Division)
2019 Dec – Top 11th Achiever (Vision Division)
2019 Oct – Top 20th Achiever (Vision Division)
2019 Aug – Top 19th Achiever (Vision Division)
2019 Aug – ERA Million Dollar Club (ERA, company wide)
2019 Jun – Top 61st Achiever (ERA, company wide)
2019 Jun – Top 2nd New Achiever (ERA, company wide)
2019 Jun – Top 4th Achiever (Vision Division)
2019 Jun – Top New Achiever (Vision Division)
2019 May – Top New Achiever (Vision Division)
2019 Jan – Top 17th Achiever (Vision Division)
2019 Jan – Top New Achiever (Vision Division)
2018 Oct – Top 15th Achiever (Vision Division)
2018 Oct – Top New Achiever (Vision Division)
2018 Sep – Top New Achiever (Vision Division)
2018 Aug – Top 9th Achiever (Vision Division)
2018 Aug – Top New Achiever (Vision Division)

Last but not least, my priority is to skillfully explore all options to provide you with tailor-made solutions for each possible scenario. Most importantly, it’s my philosophy to take ownership of all your investment decisions, treating them like my own. It’s my aspiration to fulfill all your dreams in real estate - simply because you and your loved ones deserve only the best!

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